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Katerina is a multifaceted artist and for as long as she can remember had a strange attraction to her grandmothers sewing machine.
The first thing she knew how to make were scrunchies!!
After years of working as a designer, creative director and musician, Katerina launched her Sydney based label in 2013 and works from her studio in Elizabeth Bay.

Indulging in daydreams is the basis of each collection.
The designer takes inspiration from vintage glamour in all mediums, old cinema, travel, european lifestyle, people and music.
Katerina is recognised for her femme aesthetic with a nostalgic twist and uses delightfully adorable colour palettes, which then allow the daydreams to come into fruition.
Previous collections have included symphonies of pastel and translucent fabric as well as luxurious silks and details of small ruffles and tiny red roses.

Oh and she loves taking photos and taking photos of her cute shoes!